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Universiti Poly-Tech Malaysia : International Office


Lets listen to Our International Students!

A short interview with our international students during their excursion to Batu Kikir Waterfall. Everyone was excited for this trip. Lets hear what they have to say..

The lecturers at KUPTM showed real passion both for their subjects and for the achievement of their students. They really give it their all and went above and beyond to do all that they can to get you to do your best. Aside from excellent course tutoring, the lecturers were also very helpful in all the assessments and exams.

Faisol Payo,
From Thailand
Diploma in Teaching English As a Second Language
Batch 2016

KUPTM is a great institution that drive their students to achieve their excellence and become the leaders of tomorrow. There is no doubt that this institution will continue to produce great HR managers in the future. I love KUPTM.

Enokenhan Ogbebor
From Nigeria
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Human Resource Management
Batch 2017

There’s a lot to be said about KUPTM. Studying here is a greatest experience for me. With the good facilities provided and pleasant atmosphere while being in the college give more excitement to achieve great success. Everything is perfect and well organized in all aspects in this institution.

Mohamad Hasnain,
From Pakistan
Diploma in Computer Science
Batch 2016

Academic life in KUPTM is challenging, innovative and rewarding. I’m glad to be part of this institution. All the qualities especially of the lecturers are excellent and wonderful. They have vast years of teaching experience and ensure that students’ academic needs are met

Mohamed Rizwan Mohamed Rafik,
From India
Diploma in Computer Science
Batch 2014